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Jupp Gill

Head of Aviation, AlertEnterprise

Jupp Gill started his career in the clouds as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. He joined AlertEnterprise motivated by identifying, preventing, and mitigating blended threats across Physical Access Control Systems, IT Systems and OT Systems. Jupp has 10 years of experience helping clients address Identity and Access Management challenges and has been leading the Federal Transportation and Aviation Vertical since January 2019.
Jupp is most excited about sharing the same PIAM and PSIM technology used at CATX Airports like Toronto Pearson, Miami-Dade, LAX to smaller airports that face the unique challenges of heavy General Aviation traffic. He is also working with regulatory agencies at the federal level to manage ALL aviation related traffic – including leveraging our Facial Verification module to identify passengers within terminals and to build out comprehensive risk profiles of each individual at every airport in the country while remaining GDPR compliant.

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