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Nancy Rivard

President and Founder, Airline Ambassadors

Nancy was working as a flight attendant for American Airlines when she founded Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) in 1996 to provide for vulnerable children and harness the power of the airline – travel industry to make a difference.  AAI is the only non-profit leveraging connections with the airline industry to facilitate humanitarian efforts, and recognized by the US Congress and the United Nations.

Members have hand-delivered over $60 million of aid to 500,000 children in 62 countries and escorted over 3,000 children for life saving medical care. Since 2009 AAI has also spearheaded industry awareness of human trafficking and AAI teams have trained 7000 front line personnel at 75 airport trainings on human trafficking awareness in the U.S. and abroad.  

Airline Ambassadors has been covered in thousands of media stories and dozens of awards. Nancy recently retired to run Airline Ambassadors full time.  


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