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Claudia Maria Bedoya Gutierrez

Digital, Cyber-security and IT Manager, OPAIN S.A.

Claudia Maria Bedoya has spent more than 10 years in the Computer Science field, focusing on transformation processes for different industries including Services, Retail, Government, Health and Finance. She has successfully developed several IT projects for each of those sectors, decreasing time and costs for those involved in the projects.
Claudia is proud to be part of El Dorado International Airport since 2016. She leads the Digital Strategy division in the Corporate Technology area. Currently, she is working to develop Cybersecurity for the airport. Along with her team has achieved great results on several security fronts in a short time and her innovative work on advanced IT solutions has allowed El Dorado to be the first airport in Latin America with cybersecurity Darktrace solution.
Claudia believes that the best things in life are achieved as a team

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