Session Details

Aviation Data Sharing and Intelligence: Challenges and Perspectives

Date: 25 September 2019
Time: 16:15

IT Session Icon - BlueThe session will address the opportunities and challenges that trusted and secure data sharing, data-driven intelligence and understandable AI brings to aviation and airports. It will cover how an airport can use the data sharing and analytics platform developed as part of the Icarus 2020 research & innovation project. It provides a 1-stop shop for aviation data and intelligence, while highlighting its underlying smart data contract mechanism, its end-to-end data security and its enabling aviation data model (which is built based on state-of-the-art aviation ontologies and data models, especially the ACI’s ACRIS Semantic Model). It will also demonstrate how the Athens International Airport (AIA) leverages data analytics in the data sharing and analytics platform to achieve operational improvements and increasing airport capacity.


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