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ACI’s ACRIS Model: setting the standard for data exchange to improve the overall efficiency of airport systems

Date: 25 September 2019
Time: 15:45

IT Session Icon - Blue Airports face the dual challenge of making the most of their existing infrastructure while also
planning to meet the tremendous growth in passenger demands for air services. Many are
already facing congestion and need to manage growth and contain costs, while improving the
experience for passengers whose needs and expectations are changing and evolving. As
sophisticated and complex businesses, airports are responsible for many diverse products and
services – some that it provides itself and some that are delivered by partners – to support
operations and deliver for passengers. To do this effectively, airports need a simple, secure
and integrated way of communicating with all partners in this process.

ACI’s Aviation Community Recommended Information Services, known as ACRIS, provides
airports and their partners in the aviation industry with one common language so that they
can communicate and exchange data with each other and information quickly and easily.

Aviation Data Sharing and Intelligence: Challenges and Perspectives
The session will address the opportunities and challenges that trusted and secure data sharing,
data-driven intelligence and understandable AI brings to aviation and airports. It will cover
how an airport can use the data sharing and analytics platform developed as part of the Icarus
2020 research & innovation project. It provides a 1-stop shop for aviation data and
intelligence, while highlighting its underlying smart data contract mechanism, its end-to-end
data security and its enabling aviation data model (which is built based on state-of-the-art
aviation ontologies and data models, especially the ACI’s ACRIS Semantic Model). It will also
demonstrate how the Athens International Airport (AIA) leverages data analytics in the data
sharing and analytics platform to achieve operational improvements and increasing airport


Rolf Felkel

Vice President Airside, Landside and Security Applications, Frankfurt Airport; Chair, ACRIS Committee, Frankfurt Airport

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