Robert Graham

Head of Airport Research, EUROCONTROL

Robert Graham, Head of EUROCONTROL Airport Research

Robert Graham, EUROCONTROL

Robert Graham was appointed Head of EUROCONTROL Airport Research in December 2012, having previously worked as Head of Concept Strategy and Development in SESAR.

He joined EUROCONTROL in 1990 where he managed projects focused on airspace design, decision support tools and human factors, later transitioning to oversee EUROCONTROL’s validation platforms and mid-term research. Bob has also been involved in standards preparation and participated in the initial ICAO ASBUs proposals, more recently participating in ICAO Wake Separation minima discussions.

Detached to the European Commission in 2002, he defined the EC 6th framework ATM research programme, supported development of the Single Sky legislation and preparation of Single European Sky ATM Research programme, SESAR. Bob started his career in Air Traffic Control and has an MBA in strategy and change management.

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