Velis Eleftheriou

Independent A-CDM / TAM Consultant

Velissarios Eleftheriou, TOTALCDM

Velissarios Eleftheriou, TOTALCDM

Velis Eleftheriou is an Independent A-CDM / TAM Consultant and the founder of TOTALCDM, a consulting company aiming at supporting airports to “sweat their assets” with smart application of proven A-CDM and TAM principles. He has 22 years of air traffic management and airport planning, operations, training and consulting experience.

Following his transport engineering studies, Velis started his aviation career as a licensed air traffic controller at the EUROCONTROL Maastricht UAC. His last position was with Dubai Airports as ATM Strategy & Development Manager. In parallel he was also the chairman of the national A-CDM WG in the UAE.

In-between Velis has been working for Hochtief, Athens International Airport, EUROCONTROL Airport CDM project, EASA and as a consultant in Oman, India, Australia and several European countries. Velis is one of the founding members of the European A-CDM community.

He specialises in airport safety, capacity and efficiency enhancement projects and in airport-ATC liaison management.

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