Andrew Price

Head of Global Baggage Operations in IATA

Andrew Price, Head Of Global Baggage Operations, IATA

Andrew Price, IATA

Andrew Price is the Head of Global Baggage Operations in IATA. He has worked in the area of baggage and airport operations for over 20 years, having undertaken every job from handling bags through to designing terminals.

In addition to managing the IATA Baggage Operations Department, Andrew has led programmes such as the IATA Baggage Improvement Program, which led to an industry-wide baggage mishandling reduction of over 50%. The current IATA industry-wide baggage programme is eBC, which is focused on introducing common capabilities such as identification, tracking and XML across the entire IATA membership.

Prior to joining IATA in 2005 Andrew held positions at British Airways and Siemens Air Traffic Management. Along with other qualifications and professional awards, Andrew holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a bachelor degree in Engineering.

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