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United Kingdom - Articles and news items

Airport Security Week: Theresa May to propose UN crackdown on airport security

Airport Extra, Airport news  •  19 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

Theresa May will announce in New York at the UN summit plans to inaugurate the first United Nations resolution on aviation security...

“Better, not bigger”

Issue 5 2010  •  1 October 2010  •  The Rt Hon Theresa Villiers, Minister of State for Transport, United Kingdom

The aviation sector generates billions of pounds worth of economic output and tax revenue, provides large scale employment and enables the UK to compete in the globalised economy. It also delivers significant social benefits as people travel for leisure or to visit friends and family. It is therefore an industry that I want to see thrive and one this Government takes seriously.

Volcanic ash… Minimising disruption without compromising passenger safety

Issue 4 2010  •  10 August 2010  •  Andrew Haines, Chief Executive, UK CAA

Over the past thousand years, Icelandic volcanic ash has been deposited in the UK at least ten times, the last occasion being in 1947. In geological terms, the gap between 1947 and 2010 is an instant, but in that time, UK civil aviation grew from carrying just one million passengers a year, to carrying over 218 million. The possibility of volcanic ash reducing the number of flights in UK airspace to zero for six days was similarly unprecedented until earlier this year, and it took a unique combination of events to bring it about.

Defence vehicle procurement: striking a balance

Issue 4 2010  •  9 August 2010  •  Ross Martin, Head of Airfield Vehicles 2 – Armament GSE, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment & Support, Air Commodities Project Team

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) is the name of the merged procurement and Support organisation within the UK Ministry of Defence. It came into being in early 2007, bringing together the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) and the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) under the leadership of Sir Kevin O’Donoghue as the first Chief of Defence Material.DE&S is charged with providing the UK’s armed forces with its equipment and support services. It has an annual expenditure of £13 billion, which equates to 43% of the UK Defence budget. It operates from a variety of sites across the UK and further afield, but its main headquarters are located in Abbey Wood, Bristol, South West England.

British Airways at T5 – minimising environmental impact

Issue 6 2009, Past issues  •  11 December 2009  •  Jonathon Counsell, Head of Environment, British Airways

British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline and the largest operator at Heathrow. As the UK's premier international hub airport, Heathrow plays a central - and unique - role in UK plc. Terminal 5, opened in March 2008 at a cost of £4.3 billion, is a state-of-the-art world leading facility capable of handling 30 million passengers annually. Home to some 92% of British Airways' Heathrow flights, BAA and British Airways have worked in partnership to improve the environmental performance of the airport's ground handling operation.

Taxiway Resurfacing – A night in the life of Taxiway Alpha

Issue 6 2009, Past issues  •  11 December 2009  •  Derek Provan, Operations Director, Glasgow International Airport

The time, 21.45, the date, 19th October 2009. The project report forecast informs me that the team will take possession of the taxiway at 22.00, one hour ahead of plan. The weather, dry, 9-11 degrees Celsius, with light to moderate winds. Details of the planned civils, electrical and asphalting works fill the pages in minute detail, as time is crucial to this team.

BAA’s collaborative approach

Issue 4 2009, Past issues  •  16 July 2009  •  Colin Wood, Director of Airside and Baggage Operations (BAA Heathrow)

Heathrow is the world’s busiest international airport, handling approximately 471,000 air traffic movements annually and employing over 72,000 people, of which a large number are airside workers. The scale and importance of ensuring efficiency among such a vast number of organisations is clear.

A visibly strong force at the UK border: UK Border Agency – a year of achievement and strategic objectives

Issue 3 2009, Past issues  •  26 May 2009  •  Lin Homer, Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency and Brodie Clark, Head of the Border Force for the UK Border Agency

Immigration has been high on the political and media agenda for the last fifteen years. The government is committed to modernising and strengthening UK Border controls. On 1 April 2009 the UK Border Agency became a full executive agency of the Home Office. This follows a successful year as a shadow agency in which we brought together the work of the former Border and Immigration Agency, customs detection work at the border and UK visas, to establish a single and much stronger border agency.

Supporting aviation during the global economic downturn

Issue 2 2009, Past issues  •  31 March 2009  •  Jim Fitzpatrick MP, UK Aviation Minister

The transport industry has long been seen as a barometer of economic health. When times are good, we travel more and freight volumes grow. But when the economy weakens, transport is often among the first industrial sectors to feel the impact. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the unprecedented global economic downturn that we have experienced over the past year has proved particularly challenging for airlines, airport operators, and the broader air industry.

Transforming the passenger experience

Issue 2 2009, Past issues  •  31 March 2009  •  Steve Morgan, Capital Director, BAA

With a £6billion investment programme underway, BAA has a very clear goal: to transform its airports for its airline customers and passengers. Working over seven airports, the capital programme will deliver world class facilities, more space for security and improved environmental performance.

Manchester Airports Group – Environmental Agenda

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 May 2008  •  Penny Coates, Managing Director, Manchester Airports Group, Regional Airports Division

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) announced in 2006 that all ground operations within the Group - Manchester, East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside - would be carbon neutral by 2015. Considerable environmental pressures hang over the aviation sector at present with concern over the growth of the industry prevalent in the minds of the media, the public and regarded highly on the political agenda. With this in mind the future growth of our business depends on our ability to meet our environmental commitments, so we are aiming to ensure that everyone working at our airports is playing their part in our move towards being carbon neutral, and this desire is now driving the development of the business.

The UK Border Agency

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 May 2008  •  Lin Homer, Chief Executive, UK Border Agency

Richard Piper speaks to Lin Homer, Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency, about what is being done to strengthen UK borders and how they are utilising the latest advances in technology.

Gatwick lines up for the future

Issue 6 2007, Past issues  •  30 November 2007  •  Andy Flower, Managing Director, BAA Gatwick

BAA Gatwick Airport is the second largest UK airport and the world’s busiest international single runway operation airport. With two terminals linked by a rapid transit system, BAA Gatwick currently welcomes almost 35 million passengers a year, serving a growing route network of over 200 destinations worldwide with around 90 airline partners.

An interview with Jim Fitzpatrick, UK Aviation Minister

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  31 July 2007  •  Jim Fitzpatrick, UK Aviation Minister

The minister answers our questions on the subject of current UK security restrictions with regard to baggage and the carrying of liquids aboard aircraft.

A logistical dream

Issue 1 2007, Past issues  •  6 February 2007  •  Shaun Cowlam, Logistics Director, BAA Heathrow

Restricted to the north and south by two of the world’s most heavily utilised runways, to the east by existing terminals and to the west by Europe’s busiest motorway interchange, space is at a premium at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 site. There’s little room and a large logistical challenge: how to complete one of Europe’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects at one of the world’s busiest airports.


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