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Tim Hardy - Articles and news items

Heathrow announces measures to further improve operations

Airport news  •  18 June 2012  •  Heathrow Airport

Heathrow has announced the launch of a new initiative to further improve the airport’s operational efficiency...

Phase two of Heathrow efficiency trial announced

Airport news  •  16 May 2012  •  Heathrow Airport

The Department of Transport has announced the second phase of a trial at Heathrow...

A-CDM: Globally interoperable and mutually beneficial

Issue 1 2010, Past issues  •  22 February 2010  •  Tim Hardy, Airside Director, BAA

Picture the scene. A Boeing 747 has just arrived at the end of a long journey from Hong Kong or Los Angeles, taxis from the runway to an airport terminal and then is unable to park on its allocated stand. The captain sheepishly comes onto the PA system and announces to passengers that a stand isn't available - but in fact, there's still handling equipment on the desired stand left from the previous flight. Or, the stand entry guidance system hasn't been switched on. Or, the ground crew have been sent to the wrong stand. Passengers are tired and want to get off, the aircraft's engines are still running and precious minutes in turnaround time are wasted, leading to delays on the return flight, and mounting costs for airlines.

Ground lighting at LGW

Issue 1 2005, Past issues  •  16 March 2005  •  Tim Hardy, General Manager Airside, BAA Gatwick

London Gatwick is the world’s busiest single runway airport in the world and therefore values the smooth running and maintenance of its lighting systems, writes Tim Hardy.


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