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smart city - Articles and news items

Aerotropolis 4: A Powerhouse of Tremendous Economic Potential?

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  5 April 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

Aerotropolises, mostly built around large metropolises, are a powerhouse of tremendous aviation-mode transport and economic potential. We take a look at some case studies from Canada and USA.

Aerotropolis 3: A deeper understanding

Airport Extra  •  29 March 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

An aerotropolis is a region that develops and grows within an airport and related activities as central economic growth drivers and the hub of economic activity...

Aerotropolis 2: The Global Scene

Airport Extra  •  22 March 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

These transportation hubs are able to dramatically stimulate local economies by attracting a wide range of aviation-related businesses to their peripheries and resulting in what John Kasarda, a US academic who studies and advises governments on city planning issues, has dubbed the ‘aerotropolis’.


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