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skyguide - Articles and news items

Interview with skyguide’s Laurent Delétraz

Issue 3 2016  •  24 May 2016  •  International Airport Review

Laurent Delétraz, Sales and Business Development Manager at air traffic management solutions provider, skyguide, discusses implementation of the new RNAV approaches in Sweden...

Skyguide wins contract with Integra AS to provide training for Avinor

Airport news  •  16 June 2015  •  Skyguide

Skyguide is delighted to announce its agreement with Integra AS for the creation and operation of the Integra Tower Training Centre for Avinor in Oslo...

Alex Bristol unveils skyguide’s innovative satellite-based navigation solutions

Issue 3 2015  •  2 June 2015  •  Alex Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, skyguide

Alex Bristol, Chief Operating Officer of skyguide – the Swiss air navigation services provider – unveils the company’s innovative satellite-based navigation solutions...

ATC / ATM supplement 2012 (free to view)

Issue 6 2012, Supplements  •  7 December 2012  •  Victoria Cox / Tim Quilter / Morten Dambæk / Thomas Buchanan / Gerhard Tauss / Andreas Lipp

NextGen is now - why the future is already here (Victoria Cox, Assistant Administrator for NextGen, Federal Aviation Administration)
SESAR: Heading in the right direction (Tim Quilter, Director, Corporate Strategy at ERA; Morten Dambæk, CEO, Naviair; Thomas Buchanan, Head of International Affairs and Corporate Strategy, Skyguide and Gerhard Tauss, Head of SESAR Programme at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung)
Show preview - World ATM Congress: Bringing the world’s aviation leaders together

Skyguide takes a further step towards a digital workstation

Airport news  •  18 May 2011  •  Skyguide

Flight level clearances now electronically processed by air traffic controllers on digitised workstations...

Skyguide Achieves Further Punctuality Record

Airport news  •  27 January 2011  •  CANSO

Skyguide saw only a small 0.8% increase in the total number of flights it handled last year, which rose from the 1.15 million of 2009 to 1.16 million...

Wanted: the courage to reshape Europe’s airspace landscape!

Issue 6 2010  •  13 December 2010  •  Daniel Weder, CEO, skyguide

Air transport in Europe today is safe and relatively efficient, despite its high density and the complexity of its operations. This is due in no small part to the continent’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs), of which skyguide is one. But what will the picture look like 10 years from now, if air traffic continues to grow at the rates currently projected? Eurocontrol expects traffic volumes to increase by 2.8% a year. If they do, it will not be too long before the growth can no longer be handled using the present airspace structures – or at least not without major delays.

Automating ATM: “Stripless” earns its spurs

Issue 4 2006, Past issues  •  1 December 2006  •  Alain Rossier, Chief Executive Officer, skyguide

Skyguide, Switzerland’s air navigation service provider, has achieved tangible improvements in both working comfort and ATC capacity since it adopted its new “stripless” air traffic management system in December 2005. To date, experience of the new system has been highly positive; the controllers’ enthusiasm for their new work-tool is a powerful argument for automating this part of their tasks in order to help handle ever-increasing traffic volumes.

AIM service provision in the light of SES

Issue 1 2006, Past issues  •  17 March 2006  •  Raimund Fridrich, Head of Corporate Publishing, Skyguide

The term Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) is relatively new and covers not only the former Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) but also MET and other geospacial aviation data (e.g. Airport data). Its role and the services it offers are already changing significantly. In the future, AIM will be fully based on integrated data management.


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