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Siemens - Articles and news items

Abu Dhabi upgrades baggage handling system to manage expansion

Airport news  •  23 November 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Plans to upgrade the baggage handling system at Abu Dhabi International Airport have been announced forming part of capacity expansion initiatives to improve operational efficiency.

A recipe for better airport operations

Airport news  •  4 September 2012  •  Dr. Christoph Martin Meier, Head of the Aviation-IT Department at Siemens AG

For airport operators all over the world, cost-efficiency, environmental protection and passenger comfort are at the top of the agenda...

Airport Information Technology supplement 2012 (free to view)

Supplements  •  3 August 2012  •  George Ellis, Dr. Christoph Martin Meier, George Karrer

The Washington way (George Ellis, former CIO, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority)
A recipe for better airport operations (Dr. Christoph Martin Meier, Head of the Aviation-IT Department at Siemens AG )
The future in Zurich (George Karrer, Chief Information Officer, Zurich Airport)

Airport IT supplement (free to view)

Issue 6 2011  •  12 January 2012  •  Wayne Smith, Christian Poulsen, Christopher Stein

The influence that information technology has on airport operations cannot be underestimated. Almost every aspect of a passenger’s transit is controlled by the intricacies of efficient IT. Within this special IT supplement we have contributions from: Wayne Smith, Head of Information Services at Birmingham Airport and Christian Poulsen, Vice President, Assets and Technology at Copenhagen Airport. We also have a piece from Christopher Stein at the Siemens Infrastructure and Cities Sector explaining the workings of their airport operation and control centre.

Crisplant to supply an extension to the baggage handling system at Munich Airport’s Terminal 2

Airport news  •  31 August 2011  •  Crisplant

Siemens will integrate the CrisBag® system extension...

The holistic approach to airport integration

Issue 4 2011  •  8 August 2011  •  Uwe Karl, Head of Airport Solutions, Siemens Building Technologies Division

One of the biggest challenges faced by an airport is how to integrate the various systems that it employs to ensure that the security, the comfort and the convenience for passengers is maximised. The nature of an airport means that it typically develops organically. As the demand for air travel grows, with the megatrend towards urbanisation gathering pace and the role that airports have to play in that process increasing, so airports will expand accordingly.They will build new terminals, expand facilities within existing buildings and perhaps even construct new runways to extend their capacity to accommodate more passengers and freight. All of this involves the addition of new elements to security, fire, electrical power distribution, heating ventilating and air conditioning and building automation systems.

The integrated approach to Airport security

Issue 1 2011  •  26 January 2011  •  Uwe Karl, Head of Building Technology at Siemens (Airport Solutions)

Security has become an ever increasing feature of our daily lives and nowhere is this more readily apparent than in the airport. For the majority of passengers, the most overt indicator is the queue at the security checkpoint as more rigorous checks on passengers and their luggage cause bottlenecks.While passenger and baggage screening understandably remains a high priority for airports, a more holistic approach is often being adopted, one which brings together the different security threats that are faced and deals with them through interoperable solutions using fully integrated systems.

A Fully Functioning Airport… But Where are the Planes?

Issue 4 2010  •  10 August 2010  •  Richard Piper, Editor, International Airport Review

Building an airport is a very complex process indeed. In order for such a large scale project to be successful, many different aspects must come together to achieve the same common goal. So what if there was a way to see these varying aspects in operation under one roof before you begin? Based in Fürth, near Nuremburg, the Siemens Airport Center (SAC) is a truly unique facility designed to offer just that. The objective: to provide market specific solutions to both airports and airlines.

Siemens appointed Eastern Campus Baggage Integrator at Heathrow Airport

Airport news  •  5 July 2010  •  Siemens plc

BAA has appointed Siemens, as the Eastern Campus Baggage Integrator at Heathrow Airport...


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