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Roberto Kobeh González - Articles and news items

ICAO inaugurates dedicated Asia/Pacific ATM facility

Airport news  •  22 July 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO has announced the opening of its first-ever Regional Sub-Office in Beijing, China...

Civil and commercial aviation harmonized accident rate drops by 33 per cent

Airport news  •  15 April 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO and IATA published their annual safety reports simultaneously for the first time ever...

ICAO Council President addresses first World ATM Congress

Airport news  •  18 February 2013  •  ICAO

The only way to achieve the ultimate air traffic management goal of “one sky” for the world is through global cooperation...

ICAO Environmental Protection Committee delivers progress on new aircraft CO2 and noise standards

Airport news  •  14 February 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection made important progress...

New ICAO/CANSO agreement to deliver improved air navigation safety

Airport news  •  12 February 2013  •  ICAO

A new MOC was signed by the President of the Council of the ICAO and the Director General of the CANSO...

ICAO Council President praises Qatar Aviation Biofuel Project

Airport news  •  6 December 2012  •  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

“We really welcome this project as an example of the varying biofuel solutions..."

ICAO, Flight Safety Foundation formalize new cooperative agreement on information sharing

Airport news  •  20 November 2012  •  ICAO

ICAO and the Flight Safety Foundation signed a new agreement...

ICAO seeks global commitment on aviation security

Airport news  •  12 September 2012  •  ICAO

Stressing the need for effective and more sustainable security...

Strategic action plan to improve aviation safety in Africa

Airport news  •  18 July 2012  •  IATA

IATA and ICAO urge Ministers to endorse and adopt the Africa Strategic Improvement Action Plan...

New progress on aircraft CO2 Standard

Airport news  •  11 July 2012  •  ICAO

Global aviation moved an important step closer to establishing a worldwide CO2 Standard for aircraft...

ACI’s Airport Excellence (APEX) in safety programme completes its first European safety review

Airport news  •  9 July 2012  •  Airports Council International (ACI)

ACI has completed its first European APEX in Safety review...

ICAO and ACI collaborate to enhance safety standards at Aiports

Airport news  •  15 June 2012  •  

MoC signed, to provide a framework to jointly pursue the highest possible levels of safety at airports worldwide...

Raymond Benjamin appointed Secretary General of ICAO for a second term

Airport news  •  2 March 2012  •  ICAO

ICAO is pleased to announce that Raymond Benjamin has been appointed as Secretary General of the Organization...

ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme recertified to ISO 9001:2008

Airport news  •  26 January 2012  •  ICAO

The CMO Section of the ICAO has been recertified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems...

ICAO adopts code of conduct for sharing safety information

Airport news  •  15 June 2011  •  ICAO

The Council of ICAO adopted a code of conduct to oversee the collection, sharing and use of aviation safety information...


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