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Raymond Benjamin - Articles and news items

Foreword: Enhancing global security and facilitation

Issue 3 2014  •  17 June 2014  •  ICAO Secretary General, Raymond Benjamin

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) main goal in the area of security and facilitation will be the implementation of its new ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP) strategy, which is described in more detail here by ICAO Secretary General, Raymond Benjamin...

ICAO inaugurates dedicated Asia/Pacific ATM facility

Airport news  •  22 July 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO has announced the opening of its first-ever Regional Sub-Office in Beijing, China...

ICAO, IMO and WCO strengthen key ties promoting global supply chain security

Airport news  •  9 July 2013  •  ICAO

The Secretaries General of the ICAO, IMO and the WCO met to enhance collaboration between their organizations...

ICAO launches new safety management website

Airport news  •  21 June 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO has announced the launch of a new website supporting improved aviation safety worldwide...

ICAO and TIACA to Strengthen Cooperation

Airport news  •  18 April 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO and TIACA have signed a Declaration of Intent to strengthen their cooperation on technical matters...

ICAO to assist Indonesia with new aviation emissions reduction initiatives

Airport news  •  27 March 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO has announced the formalization of a new project with Indonesia...

ICAO Environmental Protection Committee delivers progress on new aircraft CO2 and noise standards

Airport news  •  14 February 2013  •  ICAO

ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection made important progress...

Aviation groups unite to achieve instantaneous global system upgrade

Airport news  •  15 November 2012  •  ICAO

Culminating years of advance planning and worldwide coordination...

States forge stronger, more sustainable future for aviation security

Airport news  •  14 September 2012  •  ICAO

Ministers and senior security officials concluded a High-level Conference on Aviation Security today...

ICAO and industry develop new tools to counter future volcanic ash events

Airport news  •  26 June 2012  •  ICAO

IVATF has delivered a series of practical tools and recommendations to significantly mitigate the impact of future volcanic events...

ICAO Secretary General successfully completes pioneering biofuels journey

Airport news  •  20 June 2012  •  ICAO

Successfully completed unprecedented series of connecting international flights powered by sustainable alternative fuels...

ACI Optimistic: Biofuel powered flights will be the norm with the right government assistance

Airport news  •  18 June 2012  •  ICAO

ICAO with support from the ATAG, launched “Flightpath to a Sustainable Future”...

ICAO publishes first ever manual on volcanic ash

Airport news  •  5 March 2012  •  ICAO

Air transport operators now have a scientific basis for decision making in the event of a volcanic eruption thanks to a manual...

Raymond Benjamin appointed Secretary General of ICAO for a second term

Airport news  •  2 March 2012  •  ICAO

ICAO is pleased to announce that Raymond Benjamin has been appointed as Secretary General of the Organization...

States agree on a global aviation security strategy for the Americas

Airport news  •  9 February 2012  •  ICAO

A comprehensive strategy aimed at improving passenger and cargo security throughout the hemisphere...


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