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QinetiQ - Articles and news items

Whitepaper: Protecting your organisation from itself

Whitepapers  •  23 September 2016  •  QinetiQ

The threat from within and how to mitigate it...

Concorde Ruling: A timely reminder of runway risks

Issue 1 2011  •  26 January 2011  •  Phil McLachlan, MD QinetiQ Airport Technologies

National headlines for the aviation industry in December 2010 were mostly about snow, closed airports and angry passengers. But amidst the acres of newsprint on the weather and stranded travellers was a court ruling that could actually have much greater implications for the future of the industry and for air travel.A French court ruled that Continental Airlines was responsible for the tragic Concorde crash in Paris in 2000 because of a FOD (Foreign Object Debris) incident in which a strip of metal on the runway caused fatal damage to the aircraft.Continental will have to reimburse Air France the compensation it paid to victims’ families and faces the possibility of a major class action suit that could cost hundreds of millions.

World’s first FOD detection system at YVR

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  3 April 2007  •  Brett Patterson, Director, Operations Safety and Planning, Vancouver Airport Authority

In March 2000 an A330 departed YVR’s runway 08R shortly after 8pm. During its takeoff roll, and unknown to the flight crew, the port engine cowling fell off the aircraft and shattered into hundreds of pieces down one side of the runway. The flight crew of the tenth aircraft to use the runway reported seeing some debris on the runway, at which time airfield operations staff responded and reported the debris which initiated a clean-up procedure whilst simultaneously contacting the crew of the A330 to advise them of the situation.


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