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PIDS & FIDS - Articles and news items

PIDS & FIDS: Achieving optimal flow

Issue 3 2014  •  17 June 2014  •  Anders Nielsen & Lone Teist, Billund Airport

Anders Nielsen and Lone Teist reveal how Billund Airport is using flight displays as a strategic tool to help passengers gain the most optimal flow through the airport...

Information Display screens at Manchester Airport

Issue 5 2010  •  1 October 2010  •  

Much has changed at Manchester over the last two years with 2009 seeing over £80m of improvements unveiled across the three terminals with retail areas in particular seeing a massive overhaul and improvement. While this has involved massive changes to security and the internal infrastructure of the terminal, it has also provided the airport with a chance to revamp how it communicates with its passengers and staff, who work on site everyday, giving all users of the airport site a better understanding of information and opportunities.


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