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Philippe Bruyère - Articles and news items

Are you ready to simplify your business?

Issue 2 2010  •  5 April 2010  •  Philippe Bruyère, Global Head, Passenger Division, IATA

Losses continue. Routes are being cut. Industry numbers are down. Passengers are demanding better service. The industry needs new ways of delivering services that fundamentally change its cost base but also improve customer convenience.Enter IATA’s Simplifying the Business (StB) programme. StB began in 2004. Its mission is to change the way the industry operates – resulting in better service for passengers and lower costs for the industry. Since its founding, the programme has delivered US$4 billion in annual industry savings through the successful completion of two projects. The industry transitioned to 100% e-ticketing in June 2008, generating US$3 billion in savings. A further US$1 billion was saved by the completion of the common use self-service (CUSS) kiosk project in December 2008. That project focused on the implementation of CUSS kiosks at airports around the world in order to provide additional check-in capacity and added convenience.

Extending self-service

Issue 1 2008, Past issues  •  4 February 2008  •  Philippe Bruyère, Programme Director, Simplifying Business, IATA

A world in which a passenger has more choice and can control more aspects of air travel is IATA’s vision for its Fast Travel programme. The sight of a passenger entering information into a kiosk is no longer exclusive to airports in Europe or North America. Airports and airlines all over the world are now offering self check-in kiosks and the number keeps growing. In the last three years, the number of airports offering self check-in has grown from 10 to 85. Additionally, the concept of allowing passengers to manage the travel process has evolved considerably in the last two decades to include online booking, selecting seats, modifying reservations and checking in.


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