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Philip Clinch - Articles and news items

Angola’s ANSP partners with SITA for safer skies

Airport news  •  6 March 2014  •  SITA

The Luanda flight information region over Angola is set to support aircraft using future air navigation system data link avionics with the deployment of the SITA FANS system communicating via the SITA AIRCOM data link service...

FAA NextGen – A step closer with data link network from SITA and Harris

Airport news  •  10 September 2013  •  SITA

SITA announced a seven-year contract with Harris Corporation...

COCESNA and SITA partner to implement future air navigation system across Central America

Airport news  •  14 February 2013  •  SITA

"This service will benefit all carriers with FANS-equipped aircraft..."

SITA enables seamless data link service for ATM in UK-Ireland FAB airspace

Airport news  •  13 February 2013  •  SITA

Aircraft flying into UK and Irish airspace are set to enjoy seamless data link service...

Brazil upgrades air traffic management using SITA’s live aircraft weather data system

Airport news  •  1 October 2012  •  SITA

DECEA, Brazil's air navigation service provider, is upgrading its technology...

SITA reaches two million-message milestone for daily aircraft communications

Airport news  •  25 July 2011  •  SITA

Demand for SITA service has doubled in five years...

SITA Enables India’s Air Traffic Control to Move to Safer Digital Data Communications

Airport news  •  11 March 2011  •  CANSO

AAI to deliver enhanced systems that will enable the exchange of ATC messages with data link-equipped airlines...


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