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NASA - Articles and news items

NASA transfers NextGen software tool to the FAA

Airport news  •  14 August 2013  •  FAA

NASA has handed off to the FAA a new, NextGen software tool that will improve the flow of aircraft from runways...

Sensis to design next gen airspace procedures for high density airport terminal areas

Airport news  •  9 February 2011  •  CANSO

NASA Project Sets Framework for Improved Capacity and Efficiency...

Runway Friction Measurement Activities in the US

Issue 3 2007, Past issues  •  7 June 2007  •  Thomas J Yager, Senoir Research Engineer, NASA

During the past year, several new runway friction measurement activities have been initiated and progress has been made to improve measurement equipment, techniques and recommended procedures. The purpose of this article is to acquaint you, the reader, with recent developments including...


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