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Nancy Graham - Articles and news items

New AOC online registry will improve safety, reduce airline costs and delays

Airport news  •  29 November 2012  •  ICAO

A new online registry for AOC information will be launched by the ICAO on 1 December...

Aviation groups unite to achieve instantaneous global system upgrade

Airport news  •  15 November 2012  •  ICAO

Culminating years of advance planning and worldwide coordination...

Driving momentum on global air navigation’s “highest priority”

Airport news  •  22 October 2012  •  ICAO

“PBN implementation is the global aviation community’s highest air navigation priority...”

Defining the future of global ATM

Issue 6 2011  •  8 December 2011  •  Nancy Graham, Director, Air Navigation Bureau at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

In 2012, ICAO will convene a landmark air navigation conference that will seek agreement on the strategic plan to set the stage for globally interoperable Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. These systems will be implemented based on the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) concept. The ASBU approach calls for a flexible, tailored upgrade path based on a series of blocks and modules designed to enhance safety, address future air transport growth and reduce emissions.ICAO estimates that over $120 billion will be spent on the transformation of air transportation systems in the next 10 years. While NextGen and SESAR in the United States and Europe account for a large share of this spending, parallel initiatives are underway in many other States, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan and the Russian federation.Modernisation is an enormously complex task but one which the industry absolutely requires. It is clear that to safely and efficiently accommodate projected increases in air traffic demand - as well as respond to the diversified needs of operators, the environment and other inherent issues -it is necessary to evolve Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems in order to provide greater operational benefits.

ICAO and industry join forces to shape the future air navigation system

Airport news  •  21 September 2011  •  ICAO

ICAO will present a proposal to the international aviation community that will assist in the modernization of ATM systems...

IATA, ICAO and IFALPA jointly announce FRMS Implementation Guide for operators

Airport news  •  18 July 2011  •  ICAO

IATA, ICAO and IFALPA announced the release of a FRMS Implementation Guide...

ICAO and partners agree on steps to reduce runway-related accidents

Airport news  •  26 May 2011  •  AHCOM

ICAO and its industry partners agreed on measures to reduce runway-related accidents...


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