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Michał Marzec - Articles and news items

2013 – a good year at Warsaw Chopin Airport

Airport news  •  20 January 2014  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

It was the first year ever that Warsaw Chopin Airport served over 10 million passengers...

10 million passengers at Chopin Airport

Airport news  •  3 December 2013  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport has served 10 million passengers in one year for the first time in its history...

Chopin Airport launches Quota Count System

Airport news  •  29 October 2013  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport will use the Quota Count system to facilitate flight coordination at night time...

2012 was a record year for Chopin Airport

Airport news  •  15 January 2013  •  Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport enjoyed its best year to date in 2012, with over 9.5 million passengers handled...

Less passengers at Chopin Airport in October

Airport news  •  12 November 2012  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport handled 740,600 passengers in October 2012, a 9.5% drop year-on-year...

September passenger numbers fall at Chopin Airport

Airport news  •  9 October 2012  •  Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport handled 894,000 passengers in September 2012, a 10.3% drop year-on-year...

Chopin Airport passenger numbers fall 6% in August

Airport news  •  5 September 2012  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport handled over 917,000 passengers in August 2012, more than 6% less...

Busiest ever June for Chopin Airport

Airport news  •  5 July 2012  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Chopin Airport welcomed 1.077 million passengers in June, its busiest month on record and an all-time high in aircraft movements...

New railway link between Chopin Airport and the city centre is open

Airport news  •  18 June 2012  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

The beginning of June saw the opening of a railway line connecting Chopin Airport with central Warsaw...

Chopin Airport enjoys record September

Airport news  •  6 October 2011  •  Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport has experienced its busiest September ever, with an all-time high of over 997 thousand travellers...

Chopin Airport ready for Euro 2012

Airport news  •  11 June 2011  •  Chopin Airport

With a year to go until the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kick off, Chopin Airport is all set to welcome football fans from all over the globe...


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