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Michael Rumpf - Articles and news items

Let the Games begin

Issue 2 2012  •  29 March 2012  •  Michael Rumpf, Senior Project Consultant, Baggage Operations at Munich Airport Consulting

Handling the traffic of an Olympic Games is a challenge for airports. Not only the volume but also the nature and the special needs of Olympic passengers pose problems for airports and call for special operational procedures to be set up. Having had experience of overseeing the baggage of teams and visitors during the 2004 Olympic Games at Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and the 2010 Commonwealth Games at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport, I am aware of the challenges that London’s airports will have to deal with.The biggest problem with the Olympic Games are the unbelievable peaks just before the Games are officially declared open and after the closing ceremony. While the inbound traffic is stretched out over the weeks before the games open, it is as though everybody waits for the closing ceremony to finish and then want to fly out immediately afterwards. This stretches the airport’s facilities and systems to their limits, especially considering the higher number of bagsper- passenger ratio during the Olympics. But it is also a chance for airports to prove their ability for pre-planning and handling such events smoothly.The airport is not the centre of the Games but it is usually the first and last point for Olympic visitors. For Heathrow Airport especially, where passengers still associate it with the baggage fiasco that occurred at the opening of T5, it will now be the unique opportunity to prove to the world how efficient the airport terminal has become.

Behind the scenes of a baggage handling system

Issue 2 2011  •  11 April 2011  •  Michael Rumpf, Senior Project Consultant, Baggage Operations at Muscat and Salalah airports, Oman

When planning for a new BHS (Baggage Handling System) I recommend looking at your bags as if they were customers. Similar to a study on passenger profiles for a new terminal, an analysis of bags should be done. The dimensions, typical shapes, materials, per Pax ratio, even content will get you important results that have to be taken into consideration for planning a new BHS.80% of the typical Middle East checked baggage would be out-of-gauge in Europe, so it is important to get the average profile and per route specifics of your baggage to cater for sufficient baggage handling facilities.

Handling the Olympics

Issue 1 2005, Past issues  •  16 March 2005  •  Michael Rumpf, Head of Baggage Handling Services, Athens International Airport (AIA)

According to the head of baggage handling at AIA, the immense demands placed on the baggage handling services during the 2004 Olympics prompted some unconventional solutions.


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