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Los Angeles World Airports - Articles and news items

Security Technology: Keeping airports secure

Issue 4 2013  •  14 August 2013  •  Arif Alikhan and Dominic Nessi, Los Angeles World Airports

Arif Alikhan and Dominic Nessi from Los Angeles World Airports discuss the extensive technology program which has been implemented to enhance security at the group’s airportsLos Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has implemented several technology initiatives over the past decade to improve the safety and security of Los Angeles International (LAX), Ontario International, and Van Nuys Airports. These initiatives have included expanded video surveillance, modern access controls, and more advanced technology in police vehicles.One of the projects was an ambitious effort known as the Security Technology Initiative (STI) which included numerous wholesale changes to the technological infrastructure of the third busiest airport in the United States. The project, however, proved to be too unwieldy and a more focused, prioritised plan was put into place to implement security projects that would enable a high-yield benefit.

LAX: Leading the way into the future of aviation

Issue 3 2011  •  10 June 2011  •  Roger A. Johnson, Deputy Executive Director, Airports Development Group, Los Angeles World Airports

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is poised to regain the spotlight as one of the leading airports in the world thanks to an unprecedented level of construction not seen since the 1984 Olympic Games. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), a department within the City of Los Angeles, which operates LAX has embarked on a multi-billion dollar capital improvement programme at the airport.Passenger volumes and new generation aircraft service has steadily increased at LAX, necessitating the need to modernise and renovate the airport. These improvements aim to dramatically enhance the passenger experience from curbside to airside and re-establish LAX as a modern U.S. gateway in a competitive global market. With over $4.1 billion being invested in completed or on-going projects, the modernisation is easily the largest public works project in the history of Los Angeles. The modernisation is expected to create 39,900 local jobs, and will pump $6.89 billion dollars into the local economy.

Aircraft Interior Access Vehicles for ARFF

Issue 2 2006, Past issues  •  16 June 2006  •  Dan Pierce, Airport Safety Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

Today, there are more commercial passenger aircraft flying than ever. In 2005, there were more than 11 million departures for U.S. air carriers alone – this is equivalent to approximately 31 thousand daily departures.


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