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TSA announces new application process for TSA Pre✓™, More options to apply for expedited screening

Airport news  •  3 December 2013  •  

TSA plans more than 300 sites across the country...

Shifting the paradigm of airport security

Issue 2 2013  •  4 April 2013  •  John S. Pistole, TSA Administrator

TSA Administrator, John S. Pistole, provides an insight into how the Transportation Security Administration is transforming airport security.The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continues its transformation from an organisation that screens every passenger in the same ‘one size fits all’ way, to a risk-based, intelligence-driven model. The TSA uses the latest technology, analyses and shares intelligence in real-time, and applies the principles of risk-mitigation and riskmanagement to carry out its mission to safeguard the free movement of people and commerce across all modes of transportation. It is an evolution we began in earnest in late- 2011, deploying several new initiatives and modifying some of our existing security screening protocols to more closely reflect this commitment to risk-based security. In large part, the operational changes I referenced can already be seen in many of the United States’ busiest airports. In the latter half of 2011, we began looking at additional information to help us determine if there were certain age-based decisions we could make. In other words, did current intelligence indicate the possibility of modifying our security screening protocols to expedite the movement of some passengers through the checkpoint based solely on their age?

TSA sets cargo screening deadline for international inbound passenger aircraft

Airport news  •  16 May 2012  •  Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

100 percent screening will be required on December 3, 2012...

Aviation Security Advisory committee members select AAAE’s Carter Morris as Chair

Airport news  •  21 February 2012  •  AAAE

Carter Morris as chairman of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC)...


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