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John Atkins - Articles and news items

An airport city rises

Issue 3 2012  •  1 June 2012  •  John Atkins, Airport City Director, Manchester Airports Group

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester in northern England, is recognised as the world’s first industrialised city, and at the turn of the 18th century outstripped even London as the largest centre for manufacturing, not just in the UK, but throughout the world.Today, a post-industrialised Manchester is notable for its culture, music, scientific and engineering output, media links, educational institutions and sporting connections. And, along with a reinvigorated city centre, a number of major development projects have evolved across the city in recent years, with Media City at the city’s former docklands now the home of BBC Television; whilst the legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth Games continues to attract new investment with the development of the Etihad Campus at Sport City in East Manchester. Another ‘city’ within the city is now also preparing for take-off, with the development of the UK’s first ‘airport city’ at Manchester Airport.Globalisation, the demand for air travel and pressure to diversify means 21st century airports are evolving into destinations people travel to, rather than just pass through. They complement city centres, offering not only a gateway for travel but also an economic hub where people live, work and play. These developments have become known globally as ‘airport cities’.

Airport City to commence at Manchester Airport in 2012

Airport news  •  6 April 2011  •  Manchester Airport

The UK Government have announced that Manchester Airport would be one of the first four Enterprise Zones, with Airport City at the core of the zone...


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