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Jacques Dopagne - Articles and news items

EUROCONTROL proposes centralised services on pan-European level to reduce ATM costs, improve efficiency

Airport news  •  11 April 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

States could save up to €200 million each year...

Maintaining and improving ATM safety in times of cost-reduction

Airport news  •  22 March 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

Pressure on air navigation service providers to maintain and even improve safety levels...

A joint industry response to reduce the threat of runway excursions

Airport news  •  23 January 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL has issued its European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions...

Airspace surveillance systems – past, present and future

Issue 4 2012  •  1 August 2012  •  Jacques Dopagne, Director Network Management, EUROCONTROL

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS) is one of the most advanced surveillance data processing systems in the world, underpinning ATM network safety and efficiency. The concept emerged in the early-90s, long before the Single European Sky (SES) appeared. It was created by a community of international experts who dreamed of abolishing the limits that slowed down air traffic. They saw that the radar data processing systems used then were all autonomous, with a huge variation in process sophistication and performance. This difference in standards made it necessary to have large separation minima between aircraft and so played no small part in contributing to congestion. They dreamed of an interlocking system, rather like LEGO®, in which all the ACCs’ surveillance systems were linked.

Aviation Crisis Management Workshop

Airport news  •  29 May 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

Europe’s aviation community met on 22-23 May 2012 to explore answers to the question: “How do you best handle crises?”...

European flights expected to decline by 1.3% in 2012

Airport news  •  7 May 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

The first 3 months of 2012 saw a total of 2.12 million flights in Europe...

ATM Safety Management Conference: sharing goals, sharing ideas

Airport news  •  5 March 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

For a network to be safe, all the nodes have to interface effectively...

Economic gloom drives fall in traffic

Airport news  •  29 February 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

The number of flights in Europe is set to fall by 1.3% this year compared to 2011, reflecting the continent’s economic problems...

EUROCONTROL celebrates the 10th anniversary of RVSM

Airport news  •  24 January 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

The 10th anniversary of the RVSM programme, one of the most important air traffic management projects Europe has ever seen...

EUROCONTROL celebrates two decades of ARTAS success

Airport news  •  9 November 2011  •  

EUROCONTROL celebrated 10 years of the ARTAS service and 20 years since the launch of the ARTAS concept...

Voice over Internet Protocol ready for implementation in air traffic management

Airport news  •  3 October 2011  •  EUROCONTROL

Implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in ATM can now begin...


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