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Isabelle Moeller - Articles and news items

Biometrics Institute calls for more collaboration between border agencies, aviation industry and biometrics industry to create safer travel

Airport news  •  13 March 2014  •  The Biometrics Institute

The Biometrics Institute is calling for closer collaboration between border agencies and the aviation industry to create safer travel...

Biometrics in the Consumer Space -Trust in What, Trust in Who?

Airport news  •  6 November 2013  •  Biometrics Institute

More awareness is required about the responsible use of biometrics...

IT supplement 2013

Issue 5 2013, Supplements  •  14 October 2013  •  International Airport Review

Promoting the responsible use of biometrics (Isabelle Moeller, Managing Director, Biometrics Institute UK)
Service streamlining (Phil Brown, Executive Director, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority)
Conference speaker preview - Airport IT&T 2013
Industry Roundtable With contributions from SITA and Concessionaire Analyzer+

Could the iPhone fingerprint fake finger attack have been prevented?

Airport news  •  2 October 2013  •  Biometrics Institute

Biometric authentication has the potential to ease the burden of security given its simplicity and usability...


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