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International Airport Review - Articles and news items

International Airport Review top 10 stories of 2015

Airport Extra  •  29 January 2016  •  Annie McKenna, Editor, International Airport Review

2015 was an exciting year for the airport industry, with appearance of new technologies, numerous modernisation and development projects announced and a record number of passengers. International Airport Review has put together our highlights, based on what our readers have been looking at the most…

Heathrow Airport Holdings to sell off three airports

Airport news  •  7 August 2014  •  International Airport Review

Heathrow Airport Holdings is reported to be planning to sell off Southampton, Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports by the end of the year...

Managing wildlife hazards to aircraft

Issue 1 2013  •  18 February 2013  •  Dr John Allan Head of the Wildlife Programme at the UK Government's food and Environment Research Agency and Former Chairman of the International Birdstrike Committee Research Agency and former Chairman of the International Birdstrike Committee

Collisions between aircraft and wildlife have been acknowledged as a hazard to aviation since the first aircraft flew over 100 years ago. But despite many years of research into combatting the problem, wildlife strikes continue to be a serious safety concern for aviation regulators, airlines and airports.Occasional high-profile incidents, such as the crash of Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in 2009, bring the issues to the attention of passengers and the general public, but for the most part this is a risk that is not fully appreciated, even within the industry itself. It is not just the high-profile incidents that make the headlines that are of concern. Thousands of minor incidents, most causing no damage to aircraft, result in precautionary turn backs, engine checks, delays, cancellations and minor repairs that add up to at least $1.2 billion per year in operational costs to the world civil aircraft fleet.

An independent view of the skies

Issue 1 2013  •  18 February 2013  •  Anne-Marie McKenna, Commissioning Editor, Internation Airport Review

The 23rd annual ATC Global air traffic manage ment conference, exhibition and award ceremony is set to be another landmark gathering. Taking place from 12-14 March 2013 at Amsterdam RAI, ATC Global 2013 is the only neutral forum that continues to unite every stakeholder in the ATM market, regardless of affiliation, including Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), regulatory bodies, airports, airport authorities, airlines, training estab - lishments, military, consultancies, industry organisations and associations, manufacturers and technology providers. Each year ATC Global brings together ATM professionals from across the globe; the 2012 event attracted a record number of visitors with over 5,500 from 116 countries. With its position of neutrality, ATC Global provides a unique platform from which all views and perspectives can be heard and represented. As such it is the only event that gives the whole picture of what is happening within the industry and more importantly, what needs to happen to drive the industry forward.

Final Call

Issue 1 2013  •  18 February 2013  •  Anne-Marie McKenna, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

International Airport Review speaks to Mike Moore of surface clearing specialist Aebi Schmidt, about the increasing importance airports are placing on their winter operations.


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