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International Air Transport Association - Articles and news items

Demand Improvements Continue in March -Expect Volcano-Related Dip in April-

Airport news  •  28 April 2010  •  IATA

IATA announced that March 2010 international scheduled air traffic showed continued strengthening of demand...

Fuel efficiency

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  3 April 2007  •  Juergen Haacker, Director Operations. International Air Transport Association

Conserving fuel is important for two very obvious reasons. First, given the high price of oil, airlines can save considerable sums of money by using less fuel through improved fuel efficiency. Secondly, if an airplane uses less fuel, it will produce lower CO2 emissions. Just a 1% reduction in the average annual fuel burn of a Boeing B737-300 or an Airbus A320 results in 100 tonnes of fuel not burnt, US$50,000 in cost savings to the airlines and 400 tonnes of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere. This article looks at some of the steps that airlines are taking to improve fuel efficiency and also looks at what airports, governments and other industry partners can do.


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