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Guenter Martis - Articles and news items

European aviation industry stresses importance of SESAR in the EU budget decision

Airport news  •  22 November 2012  •  ACI Europe

During the EU summit, Member States will negotiate about the EU budget for 2014-2020...

Clarity and simplicity

Issue 1 2012  •  7 February 2012  •  Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

As the SESAR initiative continues to garner debate from all corners of the aviation industry, Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke to one of the key players involved with the initiative, Guenter Martis, Director of European Affairs at CANSO, to see what needs to be done by all involved to push the project forward.Mark Glover: What do stakeholders need to do in 2012 to build momentum for SESAR?Guenter Martis: They have to work together and need to come out of their corners where they have been sitting very comfortably, now it is time to commit fully to this project. We all need to work together with the European Commission to get this very important project done. We need to work on the communication of the Commission and we need to achieve a single industry voice, otherwise it will fail.

The Single European Sky (SES) – “Just do it!”

Issue 2 2011  •  11 April 2011  •  Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs, CANSO

The agreement of European Union Member States on the Single European Sky (SES) marked a political solution to an inefficient and expensive European Air Transport System. Officially launched in March 2004, SES aims towards ambitious goals: cutting the cost of flying by half, decreasing by 10% the environmental impact of aviation, and enabling a three-fold increase in capacity, all the while further improving the already high safety record of European airspace...


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