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Giovanni Bisignani - Articles and news items

Demand grows in May – good news on volumes, but risks remain

Airport news  •  30 June 2011  •  IATA

IATA announced traffic results for May which showed a 6.8% increase in passenger traffic over May 2010...

Strengthening Russian aviation – IATA celebrates 15 years in Russia

Airport news  •  20 June 2011  •  IATA

The International Air Transport Association praised the Government of Russia for progress made in aviation...

IATA reveals Checkpoint of the Future

Airport news  •  7 June 2011  •  IATA

IATA unveiled the first mock-up of a Checkpoint of the Future, designed to enhance security while reducing queues and intrusive searches at airports, using intelligence-driven risk-based measures...

Airline industry 2011 profit outlook slashed to $4 billion

Airport news  •  6 June 2011  •  IATA

IATA further downgraded its 2011 airline industry profit forecast to $4 billion...

IATA supports Hong Kong third runway

Airport news  •  2 June 2011  •  IATA

IATA reiterated its support for the construction of a third runway at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)...

Europe’s Response to Grimsvotn – Formal Agreements Needed to Cement Progress

Airport news  •  24 May 2011  •  IATA

IATA is encouraged by the improved coordination of European authorities thus far in managing its airspace in light of the Grimsvotn volcanic eruption...

Air travel shrinks in March – Events in Japan and MENA impact air transport

Airport news  •  3 May 2011  •  IATA

IATA announced scheduled international traffic results for March 2011 showing that year-on-year growth in passenger demand had slowed...

Improving Colombian Aviation Competitiveness

Airport news  •  17 March 2011  •  IATA

IATA urged the government of Colombia to strengthen the competitiveness of its air transport sector with further liberalization and infrastructure improvements.

Action to improve air cargo competitiveness

Airport news  •  8 March 2011  •  IATA

IATA laid out an agenda for the air cargo value chain to improve its competitiveness with a four point agenda...

Aircraft accident rate is lowest in history – still room for improvement, regional concerns remain

Airport news  •  23 February 2011  •  IATA

The aviation safety performance for 2010 shows that the year’s accident rate for Western-built jet aircraft as the lowest in aviation history...

Hong Kong needs a third runway

Airport news  •  16 February 2011  •  IATA

IATA called on the authorities in Hong Kong to move forward with plans for a third runway at Hong Kong International Airport...

The MENA Challenge: Coping with Growth

Airport news  •  20 October 2010  •  IATA (International Air Transport Association)

IATA called for coordinated efforts to deal with the challenges of growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)...

IATA Applauds ICAO Agreement on Aviation and Climate Change Industry Remains Committed to More Ambitious Goals

Airport news  •  9 October 2010  •  International Air Transport Association (IATA)

IATA applauded 190 contracting states of ICAO on achieving global governmental agreement...

Opportunity for a Global Framework on Environment – IATA Urges Agreement at ICAO Assembly

Airport news  •  29 September 2010  •  IATA

IATA urged the governments of the world to reach an agreement on a global framework to manage international aviation’s emissions...

Global Safety Information Exchange Launched

Airport news  •  28 September 2010  •  International Air Transport Association (IATA)

IATA, along with three governmental aviation safety organizations, today signed an agreement to launch the Global Safety Information Exchange...


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