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Frank Brenner - Articles and news items

European Commission to fund inception and development of Centralised Services

Airport news  •  17 February 2015  •  Eurocontrol

The European Commission has announced that it is supporting the Centralised Services (CS) with funding from the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T 2013 Multi-annual Work Programme 2013 in the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM))...

Estonia becomes 41st Member State of EUROCONTROL

Airport news  •  5 January 2015  •  EUROCONTROL

Estonia officially became EUROCONTROL’s 41st Member State on 1 January 2015...

Collaborating to minimise aviation’s environmental impact at airports

Airport news  •  5 November 2014  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL officially launched the Collaborative Environmental Management Specification (CEM) at this year’s 9th Annual ACI AIRPORT EXCHANGE* Conference & Exhibition...

Adapting aviation to a changing climate

Airport news  •  4 November 2014  •  EUROCONTROL

As stakeholders from throughout the air transport sector gather at this year’s 9th ACI Airport Exchange conference & exhibition taking place today and tomorrow, EUROCONTROL and ACI EUROPE today made the first of 2 key announcements - about airports and climate resilience...

AENA confides the billing and collection of terminal charges to EUROCONTROL

Airport news  •  6 May 2014  •  EUROCONTROL

Spain’s air navigation service provider, AENA, has concluded a bilateral agreement with EUROCONTROL for the billing and collection of terminal charges at their airports...

New Head of Internal Audit at EUROCONTROL

Airport news  •  23 January 2014  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL has announced the appointment of Helen Feetenby as the new Head of Internal Audit...

New Director ATM announced at EUROCONTROL

Airport news  •  6 January 2014  •  EUROCONTROL

The Director General of EUROCONTROL, Frank Brenner, has announced the appointment of Mr Philippe Merlo as the new Director ATM at EUROCONTROL...

ATC / ATM Supplement

Issue 6 2013, Supplements  •  19 December 2013  •  Joe Baker (NATS), Frank Brenner (EUROCONTROL)

Joe Baker, Senior Systems Engineer at NATS, provides an overview of the TOPFLIGHT project and Frank Brenner, Director General at EUROCONTROL, gives an update on the Centralised Service initiative on flight plan and airport slot consistency...

Airports and air traffic management working with other aviation partners to make European air transport better

Airport news  •  15 November 2013  •  Eurocontrol

The themes of efficiency and performance have become a key focus for Europe’s airports...

EUROCONTROL and FSF partner to reinforce safety

Airport news  •  24 September 2013  •  Eurocontrol

Our partnership with EUROCONTROL has greatly benefited both organizations over the years...

Voice over Internet Protocol in pole position for Global ATM

Airport news  •  18 July 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

Forty experts met in ROMATSA premises in Bucharest for the 8th Voice over Internet Protocol Task Force meeting...

EASA and EUROCONTROL enhance their cooperation to strengthen aviation expertise at European level

Airport news  •  1 July 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

EASA and EUROCONTROL have decided to establish a strong common basis...

EUROCONTROL welcomes EC proposal to strengthen the Network Manager as part of SES2+

Airport news  •  11 June 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL welcomes the proposal of the EC to strengthen Network Management...

EUROCONTROL proposes centralised services on pan-European level to reduce ATM costs, improve efficiency

Airport news  •  11 April 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

States could save up to €200 million each year...

Welcome to Frank Brenner as the new Director General of EUROCONTROL

Airport news  •  2 January 2013  •  EUROCONTROL

The new Director General of EUROCONTROL, Frank Brenner, has officially started his five year mandate in charge of the Agency...


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