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Finland - Articles and news items

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport responds to the demand for gateway traffic

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  31 July 2007  •  Mr. Reijo Tasanen Director of Finavia’s Airports Department reijo.tasanen@finavia.fi

Finavia started to build an extension to the international terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa in 2006. The investment also includes the baggage handling systems for the entire terminal. This investment of roughly EUR 140 million, the largest in Finavia’s history, illustrates our strong commitment to a future built on Asian gateway traffic. Approximately one half of the investment will go towards the construction of the new baggage handling centre.

A new approach to runway safety

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  3 April 2007  •  Tuuli Daavittila, Tom Hätinen, Head Investigator and Matts-Anders Nyberg, Deputy Director, Finavia

Over the last few years, international organisations have recommended various national and international campaigns that could be used to help improve flight safety culture at a national and global level. Finland has responded to these recommendations in a unique way and through a widely implemented campaign.


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