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European Union - Articles and news items

Airlines may hope to dodge Brexit risks under Norway

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  17 June 2016  •  Lewis Crofts, Mlex

Lewis Crofts of Mlex explores the hope of airlines to retain access to Europe’s single aviation market and considers the Norwegian option in the event of a Brexit.

EU to support ANSPs’ IDP Implementation project

Airport news  •  20 January 2014  •  NATS

The European Union will co-finance the ANSP IDP Implementation project to coordinate delivery of improved European ATM network performance and end user benefits...

The Single European Sky (SES) – “Just do it!”

Issue 2 2011  •  11 April 2011  •  Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs, CANSO

The agreement of European Union Member States on the Single European Sky (SES) marked a political solution to an inefficient and expensive European Air Transport System. Officially launched in March 2004, SES aims towards ambitious goals: cutting the cost of flying by half, decreasing by 10% the environmental impact of aviation, and enabling a three-fold increase in capacity, all the while further improving the already high safety record of European airspace...


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