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Era a.s. - Articles and news items

Air Traffic Controllers have received a brand-new “pair of eyes” on North Sea oil platforms

Airport news  •  9 May 2016  •  ERA a.s.

ERA’s system for monitoring air traffic for oil platforms in the North Sea has gone operational. The unique joint project of ERA Company and HITT for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) has been successfully completed and the fruits of one of the greatest challenges in the history of implementing multilateration surveillance systems are exceptionally rewarding...

ERA Company has tripled its profit for yet another record-breaking amount of CZK 300 million last year

Airport news  •  9 May 2016  •  ERA a.s.

The Czech supplier of the passive surveillance systems ERA Company has made a profit of 301 million Czech crowns (10.7 million €) last year with total revenues amounting to one billion...

ATC / ATM supplement 2012 (free to view)

Issue 6 2012, Supplements  •  7 December 2012  •  Victoria Cox / Tim Quilter / Morten Dambæk / Thomas Buchanan / Gerhard Tauss / Andreas Lipp

NextGen is now - why the future is already here (Victoria Cox, Assistant Administrator for NextGen, Federal Aviation Administration)
SESAR: Heading in the right direction (Tim Quilter, Director, Corporate Strategy at ERA; Morten Dambæk, CEO, Naviair; Thomas Buchanan, Head of International Affairs and Corporate Strategy, Skyguide and Gerhard Tauss, Head of SESAR Programme at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung)
Show preview - World ATM Congress: Bringing the world’s aviation leaders together

Era selected for Wide Area Surveillance in Republic of Tajikistan

Airport news  •  14 September 2010  •  Era a.s.

Tajikaeronavigation has selected Era to provide a nationwide wide area multilateration (WAM) solution in the Republic of Tajikistan.


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