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Emergency Planning - Articles and news items

Annual aircraft crash and rescue exercise tests HKIA’s emergency preparedness

Airport news  •  5 December 2014  •  Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) successfully conducted its annual aircraft crash and rescue exercise this morning, proving its readiness and effectiveness in handling contingencies...

Safety first at Schiphol

Issue 2 2012  •  28 March 2012  •  Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke to René Verjans, Senior Advisor Crisis and Disaster Management at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport about the ARFF and recovery procedures in place at one of Europe’s busiest hubs.Mark Glover: How are your staff prepared for emergency tasks at the airport?René Verjans: We have a training ground here at Schiphol that we use to train staff in the more ‘standard’ emergency scenarios. For the ‘non-standard’ we use an on-site virtual reality facility and table top exercises. We also use the training facilities at Manston Airport in the South East of England. Here we are able to train our personnel in standard and nonstandard scenarios using real foams and powders and larger amounts of it, unfortunately there are not many training grounds where you can use large quantities of this material. We come to Manston once every three years, with the full ARFF team, which consists of 125 individuals, where we stay for two full days undergoing intense and vigorous ‘standard’ and ‘nonstandard’ training that covers a range of different scenarios involving the aircraft.

How prepared are you?

Issue 4 2010  •  10 August 2010  •  Gill Sparrow, Manager, Contingency Response Planning, Emirates Airlines

Is your Airport community ready to respond to an aircraft accident? Do you work together for a common goal and do you know what that common goal is?Emergency planning, or more specifically aircraft accident response, is not a new subject but it is certainly an ever developing one. In many parts of the world the development of that response is fairly well advanced and integrated amongst all stakeholders, however for others it is a relatively new concept with insufficient thought around the longer term impact, not only for the airport and airline, but also for the country.


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