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Ebola Virus Disease - Articles and news items

Fundraising reaches new heights

Airport news  •  7 November 2014  •  British Airways

British Airways is thanking customers for donating over £230,000 in October through on board donations – the highest monthly amount recorded in 20 years for charity...

Additional anti-Ebola measures at Brussels Airport

Airport news  •  20 October 2014  •  Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport welcomes the additional measures announced today by the Federal Public Health service to prevent the spread of Ebola...

Brussels Airport Company hires specialised firm to inspect baggage from Ebola-afflicted region

Airport news  •  20 October 2014  •  Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport Company is closely monitoring the situation with regard to Ebola and has been in constant consultation with the Federal Public Health service, Brussels Airlines and the various airport partners concerned...

Public Health England: Enhanced Ebola screening process

Airport news  •  16 October 2014  •  Public Health England, Department of Health and NHS England

Public Health England began enhanced screening for Ebola at Heathrow airport...

Heathrow Airport issues statement on Ebola

Airport news  •  16 October 2014  •  Heathrow Airport

“The welfare of our passengers and colleagues is always our main priority and we are working with the Government to support the implementation of targeted screening measures as announced by the Health Secretary..."

Airports support EU coordinated response on Ebola

Airport news  •  14 October 2014  •  ACI Europe

In the midst of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa, rising public concerns about its potential spread and an evolving array of national responses in Europe...

Orlando International Airport ready and able to respond to health emergencies

Airport news  •  9 October 2014  •  Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport continues to coordinate and communicate with the Centers for Disease Control, federal, state and local health agencies, Customs and Border Protection and our airline partners to be prepared and minimize the risk to the traveling public from communicable diseases such as Ebola...

FAA statement on Ebola

Airport news  •  7 October 2014  •  Federal Aviation Administration

The health and welfare of flight crews, airline workers and the traveling public is a top priority of the FAA...

Joint statement on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak

Airport news  •  19 August 2014  •  ACI World

The current Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013...


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