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Eastern Europe - Articles and news items

Service and comfort

Issue 4 2012  •  3 August 2012  •  Julian Jäger, Management Board Member at Flughafen Wien AG and Günther Ofner, Management Board Member at Flughafen Wien AG

With its location at the centre of Europe, Vienna Airport has developed into an important turntable to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It has thus grown into the biggest employer within the region and a major economic motor for Austria.The development of the airport has continued by enlarging the terminal area, to offer passengers more comfort and a better level of service. The additional capacities ensure that efficient and swift passenger handling can be guaranteed despite an increase in air traffic.A number of changes effecting passengers arriving and departing from Vienna Airport came into place on 5 June 2012. The airport terminals have received new names: Terminal 1 becomes ‘Check-in 1 (counters 150-199), Terminal 1A becomes ‘Check-in 1A’ (counters 111-132) and Terminal 2 becomes ‘Check-in 2’ (counters 201-299). Skylink can be found within ‘Check-in 3’ (counters 301-399). These new designations are necessary as Skylink will double the existing terminal and operating space by 150,000m².

Eastern and central Europe’s retail partnership

Issue 4 2012  •  1 August 2012  •  Alan Bork, Commercial Director at Budapest Airport

It makes sense to bring together the central and eastern European travel retail and duty free industry under an umbrella association. Providing the members with a forum to exchange views, build relationships, and find common ground while establishing a united voice that can tackle local and regional issues as they arise. This initiative is already attracting support from key stakeholders who recognise the value it provides in helping to further develop the industry in the region and to guide it to reach its full potential.Although the volume of the duty free and travel retail sector in the region may not be that significant compared to the rest of Europe, one should pay attention to the growth rates in the region. While Europe’s overall share of global duty free sales decreased from 50 per cent in 1998 to 35 per cent in 2010, the Eastern European share increased from 3.7 to 7.6 per cent in the same period.That duty free and travel retail industry plays an important part in the airport sector is an increasingly clear position currently being recognised by all stakeholders including ACI. For most airports, as much as 40 per cent and even up to 60 per cent in some cases of total revenues are generated from non-aviation activity, where duty free and travel retail account for the biggest part.


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