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Dr Sarkar - Articles and news items

Aerotropolis 7: The Way Forward

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  26 April 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

With the rapid increase in the pace of globalisation and urban development, there is bound to be a greater need for creation of new and modernised transport infrastructure...

Eco-Polis: The EU prototype model

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  19 April 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

Because of its unique beauty, idyllic natural environment and excellent climate, Polis in Cyprus, and the surrounding area is among the first choices...

Aerotropolis 5: A look at India

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  12 April 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

Fuelled by its booming economy and rapidly rising personal incomes, India’s commercial air travel has grown substantially over the past decade. Since India’s airport infrastructure was ill-equipped to accommodate such dramatic growth, the Ministry of Civil Aviation set about a two-fold process.

Aerotropolis 4: A Powerhouse of Tremendous Economic Potential?

Airport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  5 April 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

Aerotropolises, mostly built around large metropolises, are a powerhouse of tremendous aviation-mode transport and economic potential. We take a look at some case studies from Canada and USA.

Aerotropolis 3: A deeper understanding

Airport Extra  •  29 March 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

An aerotropolis is a region that develops and grows within an airport and related activities as central economic growth drivers and the hub of economic activity...

Aerotropolis 2: The Global Scene

Airport Extra  •  22 March 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

These transportation hubs are able to dramatically stimulate local economies by attracting a wide range of aviation-related businesses to their peripheries and resulting in what John Kasarda, a US academic who studies and advises governments on city planning issues, has dubbed the ‘aerotropolis’.

Aerotropolis: Defined

Airport Extra  •  15 March 2016  •  Dr Sarkar

Airports, like cities, are never static. They are constantly evolving in form and function. Historically, airports have been understood as places where aircraft operate, including runways, control towers, terminals, hangers and other facilities which directly serve aircraft, passengers and cargo...


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