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Doug Johnson - Articles and news items

Weather watching

Issue 2 2011  •  11 April 2011  •  Doug Johnson, Head of Transport at the UK Met Office

The coldest December in 100 years brought into sharp focus the impact that weather can have on the UK’s airports. Across Europe and North America heavy snowfalls and ice brought airports more used to severe winter weather to a standstill. But in a warming world, changing weather patterns are potentially a further complication for the world’s airports.It is said that we have a fascination with the weather, from what is happening outside now to what conditions are likely to be weeks ahead. For airport and airline operators disruption due to weather, especially in winter, can put strain on schedules through misplaced aircraft, passengers and staff.

CANSO CEOs Discuss Volcanic Ash – Call for Stronger European Safety Regulator

Airport news  •  15 June 2010  •  CANSO

CANSO, has held a discussion on the fallout from the volcanic ash situation in Europe...

How to avoid bad weather delays

Issue 3 2005, Past issues  •  16 September 2005  •  Doug Johnson, Aviation Programme Manager, Met Office

In this article Doug Johnson describes how aviation users can utilise improved meteorological information to move beyond minimum safety requirements and towards increased business benefits.


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