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London Gatwick sets aside £30 million as a resilience fund following recommendations of review into Christmas Eve flooding

Airport news  •  26 February 2014  •  Gatwick Airport

Following the unprecedented weather and the subsequent flooding that caused disruption to passengers at London Gatwick on Christmas Eve, David McMillan, a Non-Executive Director of Gatwick Airport, was commissioned by the Gatwick Airport Board to review the airport community's response on the day...

Efficiency efforts by airports yielding significant results for airlines & passengers

Airport news  •  28 November 2012  •  Joint from ACI EUROPE and EUROCONTROL

As the entire aviation sector is facing patchy air traffic growth in the short term...

EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission appoints Frank Brenner as new Director General from January 2013

Airport news  •  6 July 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

Frank Brenner appointed as Director General of EUROCONTROL...

A new era for the ARTAS System

Airport news  •  20 June 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

The first operational version of ATM suRveillance Tracker And Server V8B1 was successfully released on 6 June 2012...

David McMillan granted with the European Business Aviation Awards at EBACE 2012

Airport news  •  16 May 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

David McMillan granted with the 2012 European Business Aviation Awards...

New Director announced for EUROCONTROL MUAC

Airport news  •  7 December 2011  •  EUROCONTROL

The Director General of EUROCONTROL, David McMillan, announced the appointment of Lieutenant-General Jac Jansen...

Aviation partners report on roll-out of joint programme to combat airport congestion, reduce fuel burn & CO2 emissions

Airport news  •  29 November 2011  •  EUROCONTROL

Renewed focus on efficiency & performance...

EUROCONTROL celebrates two decades of ARTAS success

Airport news  •  9 November 2011  •  

EUROCONTROL celebrated 10 years of the ARTAS service and 20 years since the launch of the ARTAS concept...

EUROCONTROL nominated as Europe’s ‘Network Manager’

Airport news  •  18 July 2011  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL received a letter from the EC, nominating the Agency to take on the role of European ‘Network Manager...

CANSO steps up to lead change

Airport news  •  16 June 2011  •  CANSO

CANSO, has been tasked by the world’s aviation leaders to ‘step up’ and lead industry change...

CANSO joins ACI EUROPE and EUROCONTROL’s partnership to combat airport congestion and reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions

Airport news  •  5 October 2010  •  EUROCONTROL

Renewed focus on efficiency and performance for Europe’s airports...

CANSO CEOs Discuss Volcanic Ash – Call for Stronger European Safety Regulator

Airport news  •  15 June 2010  •  CANSO

CANSO, has held a discussion on the fallout from the volcanic ash situation in Europe...

Integrating Airports into the future Air Traffic Management System

Issue 2 2010  •  5 April 2010  •  David McMillan, Director General, EUROCONTROL

Aviation has been especially badly hit by the economic crisis. Airlines worldwide lost €7.9 billion in 2009 and a further €4 billion loss is forecast for 2010. Traffic in Europe declined by 6.6% in 2009 – the biggest fall on record and one which has had a severe impact on all in air transport. Although key hubs such as Frankfurt and London Heathrow fared slightly better than average, traffic at many European airports declined by double digit figures.

The continuing rise of continuous descents

Issue 6 2009, Past issues  •  11 December 2009  •  David McMillan, Director General, EUROCONTROL

Continuous Descent Approaches (CDA) are on the rise: March 2009 marked the launch of the European Joint Industry CDA Action Plan, backed by IATA, CANSO, ACI-EUROPE and EUROCONTROL1. Since then, according to EUROCONTROL's CDA Implementation Support Team, implementation progress has been non-stop. Why are CDAs gathering this momentum?

EUROCONTROL’s Challenges of Growth 2008 Report

Issue 6 2008, Past issues  •  3 December 2008  •  David McMillan, Director General EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL publishes a series of studies aimed at providing decision makers with up-to-date assessments of the challenges presented by the increasing demand for air transport. The latest, ‘Challenges of Growth 2008’1, is the third in the series and looks at those long-term challenges needing long-term solutions.


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