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David Gibbs - Articles and news items

Winter Operations supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  12 February 2014  •  David Gibbs (Met Office), Miguel Marin (ICAO), Mike Carlson / Ken Greene (Denver International Airport)

David Gibbs from the Met Office explains the role of forecasts in helping to ensure airports remain open during winter weather, a look at ICAO's globally implementable winter operations procedures, and find out why Denver International Airport is prepared for the winter season...

Forecasting for efficiency

Issue 1 2012  •  7 February 2012  •  David Gibbs, Aviation Business Manager, The Met Office

The Met Office works across all areas of the aviation industry to help ensure safe and efficient operations. We provide a wide range of services such as specialist web sites, forecaster telephone advice, SMS text alerts and high resolution data services to name a few. These services are tailored to meet the needs of various users so that they have the most accurate information to support their weather dependant decision making, and we also add further value by simplifying the interpretation of meteorological conditions and their impact on airport, aircraft and air traffic management operations.Delivering weather forecasts and advice that is easy to access, easy to understand and directly relevant for specific purposes is very important. However, without timely and highly accurate content, forecasts will be severely degraded. To achieve the necessary standards presents a significant technological challenge as creating forecasts is a complex process.


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