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Cyril Fabre - Articles and news items

High Tyre Pressure Teston flexible airfield pavement for new aircraft standard – analysis, conclusion and recommendation

Issue 6 2010  •  13 December 2010  •  Cyril Fabre, Head of Airfield Pavement, ICAOAOSWG/ Pavement Subgroup ICCAIA Representative and Camille Saguès, Airfield Pavement Senior Engineer, AIRBUS S.A.S

Further to the ‘High Tyre Pressure Test’ (HTPT) overview presented in Issue 4 2010 of International Airport Review, this article presents test analysis, conclusions and recommendations. Detailed information on test background, facilities and test procedures are all contained in the former issue; therefore, for a better understanding of this second article and for an overall view of the HTPT test, the reader should refer to Issue 4 2010 of International Airport Review.

High tyre pressure test on flexible airfield pavement for new aircraft standard

Issue 4 2010  •  10 August 2010  •  Cyril Fabre, Head of Airfield Pavement, ICAO-AOSWG / Pavement Subgroup ICCAIA representative, AIRBUS S.A.S

With the increasing air traffic demands, the aviation industry has made continuous strides in the past 50 years. As a result, load per wheel (and consequently internal tyre pressure inflation) have gradually increased since the initial FAA policy, which was based on a DC-8 configuration at 158,757 tons (18.8 tons wheel load and an associated internal tyre pressure inflation, Pnz of 13.2 bar/191 PSI ).These increases were driven by airlines’ demand to develop and design highly efficient aircraft with maximum reliability and optimised performances. As a consequence, aircraft components are lighter, particularly landing gear optimisation, to meet payload-range requirements and reduce noise and/or drag during approach phase.

Paving the way for the A380

Issue 1 2006, Past issues  •  17 March 2006  •  Cyril Fabre, Pavement Manager, Airbus

In preparation for the increasing introduction of heavy aircraft and new types of landing gear (e.g. B777 and A380), AIRBUS, STBA and LCPC undertook an ambitious research programme to define a more efficient pavement design method.


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