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Civil Aviation Technical Centre - Articles and news items

Friction Testing: Keeping friction measurements reliable

Issue 6 2013  •  19 December 2013  •  Jonathan Gerthoffert, Head of the Runway Friction Research Program at the French Civil Aviation Technical Center and Belkacem Laïmouche, Head of the Expertise of Airfield Pavements subdivision at the Civil Aviation Technical Center

Runway friction measurements are essential to airfield safety. Jonathan Gerthoffert and Belkacem Laïmouche profile the Civil Aviation Technical Center’s work into the reliability of testing methods...

Certifying French runway surfaces

Issue 6 2012  •  6 December 2012  •  Jonathan Gerthoffert, Programme Officer, Civil Aviation Technical Centre (France)

Certification of runway friction measuring devices is a strong commitment of the French State for the safety of aircraft operations. It ensures airport operators that devices meet the requirements in their ability to discriminate surfaces with different friction levels and their performances, and are consistent in terms of repeatability and reproducibility. It also makes measurements between different airports and service providers comparable, and ensures a uniform comprehension of the regulatory minimum friction level.The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards require runways to be maintained to be able to provide good friction characteristics. Self-wetting continuous friction measuring equipment is the most widely used tool to measure runway surface characteristics. However, devicedependency of results and complexity of measuring systems require regular device quality controls. Since 2006, quality controls have been carried out by the French State as part of a certification process on friction measuring devices used for maintenance purposes.


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