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Checkpoint security - Articles and news items

Reduced security check waiting times at Oslo Airport

Airport news  •  15 September 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Oslo Airport has reveal its security check waiting times have been reduced to an average two minutes with customer satisfaction rising each year.

Manila to install new full body scanners

Airport news  •  19 May 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has announced the installation of new full body scanners at all four terminals.

The integrated approach to Airport security

Issue 1 2011  •  26 January 2011  •  Uwe Karl, Head of Building Technology at Siemens (Airport Solutions)

Security has become an ever increasing feature of our daily lives and nowhere is this more readily apparent than in the airport. For the majority of passengers, the most overt indicator is the queue at the security checkpoint as more rigorous checks on passengers and their luggage cause bottlenecks.While passenger and baggage screening understandably remains a high priority for airports, a more holistic approach is often being adopted, one which brings together the different security threats that are faced and deals with them through interoperable solutions using fully integrated systems.

Reveal signs $5.3m contract with IAA

Airport news  •  17 March 2010  •  Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. has announced a $5.3 million contract with Israel Airports Authority (IAA) for Reveal Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) to be installed at various airport locations.

TSA checkpoint security technology evolves

Issue 1 2009, Past issues  •  7 February 2009  •  Robin E. Kane, Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Technology, TSA

Over the course of 2008, TSA deployed, piloted and tested several technologies that greatly enhanced the screening process for travellers all across the country. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that harmonises a high level of security with the need to ensure freedom of movement for travellers.

The evolution of MRTDs

Issue 1 2009, Past issues  •  7 February 2009  •  Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, Specifications and Guidance Material / Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

The evolution of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) over the past decade has been quite extraordinary, particularly with the advent of the electronic or ePassport enhanced with biometric identification. While the ICAO standard calls for all 190 Member States of the Organisation to begin issuing MRPs only by April 2010, at last count there were 54 ICAO States issuing ePassports and 36 others planning to issue them by the end of 2009.

An interview with Mr. Dimitrios Gatsonis

Issue 4 2008, Past issues  •  1 August 2008  •  Dimitrios Gatsonis, Deputy CEO, Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport has introduced its new passenger security screening system for a total investment of HUF 900 million. The new equipment will make security screening quicker and seamless, cutting waiting time and enhancing security. The baggage belts before and after the X-ray machine are longer, enabling four passengers to use it simultaneously at both ends, instead of the one or two currently used. The machine automatically rotates the 20 trays that are in the system. At the end of the belt, a camera checks that the tray is empty and does not allow the machine to run on if there is as much as a single coin left on it.

Enhancing aviation security – How TSA is using technology, innovation, and collaboration to redefine screening operations

Issue 1 2008, Past issues  •  4 February 2008  •  Mike Golden, Assistant Administrator for Operational Process and Technology/Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer, FAA

How TSA is using technology, innovation, and collaboration to redefine screening operations The fundamental challenge of protecting passengers and transportation networks against an act of terrorism is a constantly changing, unpredictable threat environment. TSA knows that terrorists seek to exploit our weaknesses. We also know that terrorists attempt to adapt to the security measures we put into place. A static, fortress-like defense is not the answer.

An interview with Jim Fitzpatrick, UK Aviation Minister

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  31 July 2007  •  Jim Fitzpatrick, UK Aviation Minister

The minister answers our questions on the subject of current UK security restrictions with regard to baggage and the carrying of liquids aboard aircraft.

ePassports: Examining the benefits

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  31 July 2007  •  Mr. Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, Specifications and Guidance Material / Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

The issuance of ICAO-standard ePassports by some 45 member states of the organisation by year end 2007 and the inherent benefits included in this travel document, should drive the adoption of this latest-generation Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) by an increasing number of governments in the next few years.

Checkpoints – are we there yet?

Issue 4 2005, Past issues  •  25 November 2005  •  Norman Shanks, Principal Partner, Norman Shanks Associates International

Despite enhancements since 9/11, recognition is growing that work remains to be done before the level of security desired for passengers and their carry on baggage is reached.


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