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CCTV - Articles and news items

Protecting airport infrastructure

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 May 2008  •  Martin Aggar, Chairman, British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Civil Aviation Section

The requirements of security measures and associated procedures to protect the infrastructure of airports are significant and increasingly important. For, in addition to the airlines and other aviation operators using airports, the travelling public, staff, suppliers, contractors and maintenance companies also need to be included in any protective strategy. This article looks at the application of CCTV and access control systems as part of this strategy.

Combining RFID and video surveillance

Issue 1 2007, Past issues  •  6 February 2007  •  Dr. Paul Brennan, Reader in Electronics, University College London

The need in major airports to move a large number of people through a complex environment as efficiently and safely as possible is becoming an increasingly challenging task. The volume of flights is growing along with the size of aircraft, and security has, in recent years, become a critical issue. With this in mind, the EU-funded Optag project was launched in 2004 to study the feasibility of a combined RFID tag passenger location and video surveillance system to enhance airport efficiency, safety and security.

The next step in aviation security

Issue 3 2006, Past issues  •  11 September 2006  •  Rob. L. Townsend, SOC Analyst, San Francisco International Airport

To counter an ever present, ever shifting threat, aviation security must be a constant work in progress. At San Francisco International Airport, that progress has recently leapt forward.


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