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Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) - Articles and news items

L-3 Security & Detection Systems awarded high-speed explosives detection systems from CATSA

Airport news  •  7 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced today that it has received two award notices from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) to supply high-speed eXaminer® XLB explosives detection systems...

Risk based security: What is acceptable or tolerable?

Airport Extra  •  3 April 2014  •  Yves Duguay, President, HCiWorld

Aviation security expert, Yves Duguay, provides a fascinating insight into the reality and perception of managing the probability of an aviation security attack...

Security meets customer service in Canada

Issue 5 2011  •  5 October 2011  •  Yves Duguay, Senior Vice-President, Operations and Customer Experience, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

The next time you pass through security at a major Canadian airport, you may find the queues moving a little faster than usual. That’s because the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is making a number of innovative improvements to the security screening process for a better passenger experience.The move towards more passenger-focused air travel is one that requires collaboration on the part of all players in the aviation industry, making the timing of this shift critical. In the aftermath of September 11, the industry was scrambling to operate within a new reality and security was, understandably, the overriding focus. But with 10 years behind us, CATSA is working within a much more mature security framework as it relates to the aviation industry where organisations such as ours must widen our approach to providing services to include the needs of the industry as well as the protection of the passenger. This means not only delivering screening services effectively and efficiently, but also considering the requirements of airports, airlines and other partners, as well as passengers.

Canada’s Restricted Area Identification Card Program

Issue 3 2007, Past issues  •  7 June 2007  •  Rob Durward, Director, Technical Programs. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

On April 11, 2002, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) was created as a Crown Corporation to assume a more direct role in Canada's aviation security. One aspect of this new security role was to develop a secure biometric enrolment and identity verification program to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to restricted areas of airports, such as maintenance hangers, refueling stations and baggage ramps.


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