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British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - Articles and news items

Airport security – an evolving challenge

Issue 4 2011  •  8 August 2011  •  Ashley Smith, Chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) Civil Aviation Section

Since the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11, the threat of further atrocities has been at the forefront of the national agenda. Almost 10 years on and the security landscape has changed dramatically, with these changes most apparent in the aviation sector. Moreover, the recent announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden has provided a stark reminder of the risk the UK continues to face, with the Government warning of an increased likelihood of retaliatory attacks. As such, the role of aviation security is bound to remain critical in the fight against terrorism.For many of us, it has been hard to believe that almost 10 years have passed since the World Trade Centre attacks of 9/11, bringing the aviation security industry firmly into the spotlight. Since then, airport security has been at the forefront of counter terror measures, as procedures and technology are continually updated to face the ever changing security threat.

Airline baggage and freight – reducing the risks

Issue 5 2009, Past issues  •  29 September 2009  •  Chris Pinder, Regional General Manager, British Security Industry Association

Recent publicity over the release from custody of the convicted Lockerbie bomber has provided a potent reminder of the continuing importance of airline baggage and freight security. Chris Pinder, British Security Industry Association's Regional General Manager, looks at some of the current procedures and developments in this vital area.

Airport security – CCTV takes off

Issue 4 2009, Past issues  •  16 July 2009  •  John Bates, Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

Advances in technology and increasing risks are driving an unprecedented level of change in security and nowhere more so than in the application of closed-circuit television surveillance systems in the airport environment. John Bates, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), looks at the evolution of the security camera and what it means for the safety of air travel.

Protecting airport infrastructure

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 May 2008  •  Martin Aggar, Chairman, British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Civil Aviation Section

The requirements of security measures and associated procedures to protect the infrastructure of airports are significant and increasingly important. For, in addition to the airlines and other aviation operators using airports, the travelling public, staff, suppliers, contractors and maintenance companies also need to be included in any protective strategy. This article looks at the application of CCTV and access control systems as part of this strategy.


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