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Boris Johnson - Articles and news items

Mayor views aviation expansion in Singapore led by British expertise

Airport news  •  27 November 2014  •  The Mayor of London Press Office

The Mayor of London has warned that while the UK Airports Commission flies up a blind alley the rest of the world is already building new runways and terminal buildings that are designed and built using British expertise and which will put them well ahead of the UK in the race for new global business...

Mayor vows to continue the fight as Airports Commission turns its back on the future

Airport news  •  2 September 2014  •  Mayor of London's Press Office

The Mayor of London has told the Airports Commission that their failure to take forward the only credible option for aviation expansion means their work will become increasingly irrelevant...

Airport Commission rules out Estuary Airport – Heathrow Hub now the only politically realistic option

Airport news  •  2 September 2014  •  Heathrow Hub

The Airport Commission has rejected an Estuary Airport for London, as championed by the Mayor Boris Johnson...

Estuary Airport on the verge of being ruled out

Airport news  •  1 September 2014  •  Heathrow Hub

The Commission is reported to be on the verge of finally ruling out an Estuary Airport for London, as championed by the Mayor Boris Johnson...

New figures reveal an Estuary airport would provide thousands more jobs than any other option as local businesses confirm their support

Airport news  •  26 August 2014  •  Mayor of London's Press Office

New figures released indicate that having a new airport in the Thames Estuary would support 336,000 jobs around the country in 2050...

Heathrow admit expanded airport may not improve regional connectivity

Airport news  •  25 July 2014  •  Mayor of London Press Office

Heathrow bosses have made the startling admission that even if the airport was to be expanded it would give no guarantee of improving regional connectivity...

Architects showcase striking designs for Heathrow City

Airport news  •  16 July 2014  •  Mayor of London’s press office

Three leading firms of architects have released designs for the redevelopment of Heathrow Airport into a new town that could potentially support 90,000 new jobs...

Mayor says London should follow Denver’s flight path

Airport news  •  7 April 2014  •  Mayor of London

The Mayor of Denver and representatives of the mega six runway hub airport in his city arrive in the UK where they will be quizzed by the Mayor of London regarding their experience of successfully relocating a major international airport...

London Britannia Airport revealed

Airport news  •  14 November 2013  •  Testrad

The first images of the proposed Thames Estuary airport hub have been released by Testrad, the consortium behind the project...

Mayor of London appoints Atkins to deliver key strategic hub airport role

Airport news  •  11 February 2013  •  Atkins

Atkins appointed to play a leading role in a world-class team of experts helping develop plans for a multi runway hub airport...

Heathrow backs Boris on airport capacity

Airport news  •  16 March 2011  •  BAA

Heathrow has welcomed comments by the Mayor of London concerning the coalition Government’s opposition to the construction of new runways...


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